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*NEW* More Than An Echo

Jamie and Michelle have a brand new feature for you. This page is a chance to have a look at three features they have shared with the world in the past. If you want to re-discover some past features, or discover something you may have missed, click the image above.

Roarin', Ragin' & Rockin'!

Geoff from Titanosaur guest starred on the show for his Take Over Show. We heard music from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Andrew WK, Kool & The and Danko Jones (to name a few). Make sure you check out our last Take Over Show of the year by clicking the image.

Continuing to 'Grow Slow'

Edinburgh's very own Jenny Laahs has produced a new edit of the amazing 'Grow Slow' AND a brand new remix of this song with Scottish techno-folk legends Yoko Pwno. Advosound have been privileged to receive review both pieces so click on the image to discover our opinions.

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Building a Home Studio

If you have ever wanted to release music, then you will know the 'studio' is key to achieving this goal. This is the place an artist will go to mix, produce, master and record music for public consumption. The studio comes in a variety of different forms from professional outfits like those found at Abbey Road and Sound City, to a amateur setups using free software like Audacity. Over the years both professional and amateur studios have developed in quality, complexity and size, but arguably with the influence of Covid-19 the home studio holds greater importance in the world of music than ever before and making your own studio has never been easier!

Hit 'discover' below for our top tips on how to build you own home studio


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