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Advosound operates in Edinburgh and London (but works with music across the world).

We'd love to hear from everyone and always look forward to discovering new music.

You can get in touch with us on all social medias and via email:

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @Advosound

Our Story:

Advosound is the production of a lively and creative music scene, hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland. We first established our roots in 2014 as a small time promoter, where we helped push forward fairer pay for acts in the live music scene, as well as offering a diverse, affordable promotion service. After a five year hiatus, where we ventured different ways to learn, develop and experience music and the event industry in a variety of formats, we have rebranded and look to pick up where we left off, helping promote the unsigned and undiscovered artist to new heights. We now, collectively, have a decade worth of experience in live events and productions and have used this knowledge to produce some new services.

Online we are offering 'Artist in the Spotlight', which spotlights an upcoming and exciting artist, a review and writing platform 'Elevate' and the popular social organisation 'What's Happenin' Music', who hosts various shows supporting music of all genres.

We are always looking to grow and expand our services, so please get feel free to get in touch with any suggestions or ideas you may have to help support music of all genres.