They are from London, they are Say Yes, Do Nothing and they have a brand new single for your media players.

on 23rd October, Say Yes, Do Nothing released 'Hum of The Hidden Machine' and we at Advosound have had the privilege to review it. This contemporary number is full of emotion, great songwriting and something a little different from the gritty Americana blues and country fusion found in the bands previous singles. Check out our review, the video below and add the song to your digital playlists.

Hum of the Hidden Machine

Sometimes we need to consider the importance of our decisions and consequences that those choices make. Say Yes, Do Nothing addresses this exact idea in this song. The new single, written from the perspective of David Easterman (Vocal/Guitar), is about a personal experience with a past girlfriend, which subsequently marked the end of that relationship. It is not a break up song, nor a song about lost love in the traditional sense. It is a song that explores a single reason for a break up but embodies one powerful message: our decisions have consequences.

While this subject matter is important, Say Yes, Do Nothing illustrate this with a certain level of ambiguity. To uncover the message behind the song, you may need to listen to it a few times. We think this is powerful and a credit to the songwriting of this piece. Not only does it illustrate that many things in life are not simple, they are complex and knowing the right path to take is not easy; it also demonstrates the ability of this group to write a song with precision and depth.

The new single, however, offers much more than excellent songwriting and an powerful message; it demonstrates the diversity in the band's musical abilities. Their previous works have mixed rock, country, blues and Americana in a upbeat way. This new single incorporates those country blues and Americana overtones, but takes a step back in tempo to reflect the somewhat sombre subject matter. This single is not, however, sad. It is relaxed and will leave you probably feeling quite content with things. This might be poetic irony when you understand the meaning, but it is a clever way to address sad subjects. If you want a relaxed feeling in a song, then this single is perfect for you. Everything from the pianos and acoustic guitars leading your through the verses and to a simple but easy to remember chorus will leave you feeling that poetic irony.

What we love about this tune is the delicate guitar rifts, the fusion of guitar chords and drum line that somehow make the vocal line stand out more and how the harmonica is so important to the feeling this song creates. The tempo build up across the song should also credited as it keeps the story moving and takes you along the journey of remembering something to re-living those feelings you have about it.

We really enjoyed this song and discovering the meaning behind it. Say Yes, Do Nothing transcribe a real situation, which people can relate to, and produce something structurally and musically marvellous. It is a sombre song in many ways, but it has a calm atmosphere and a powerful message. It will be an excellent addition to your playlist and is a great insight into the less rocky side of this British artist.

The Band

Formed in 2018 by American singer songwriter David Eastman, Say Yes, Do Nothing are a four piece band based in London. The band consists of David on vocals and guitar, Dan on lead guitar and vocals, Simon on bass and vocals and Michael on drums. They have featured in many shows and festivals and were also winners of the 2018 Future Music Showcase Award. The band offer a unique blend of rock, blues, country and Americana music, intertwined with everyday topical issues and intelligent storytelling. Why not explore some of the bands work on the links below and discover their amazing story.



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