Scottish musician Jenny Laahs (better known as PINLIGHT) has dropped another remix. If you thought her debut album 'Grow Slow' was amazing, sit down and listen: This new soundscape embodies an epic, yet subtle atmosphere, incorporating a wide array of electronic undertones and will being leave your musical taste buds tingling. Advosound felt privileged to listen to PINLIGHT's debut album and write a small review back in May. We now have the greater pleasure of sharing our review of this amazing piece of music. Take a read, but also follow the links to PINLIGHT's pages and discover this amazing artist for yourself.

The original version of this excellent song can be found on PINLIGHT's debut album 'Grow Slow' and while we implore you to check out the new remix, make sure you listen to this version too. Not only will you hear the unique and euphonious vocals of Laahs, but as it embodies a more stripped back character than the remix and other songs such as 'Champagne' and 'Grow Slow', any listener can really appreciate Laahs' ability when it comes to song-writing and why this song is appropriately named 'Armour'.

Laahs creates a powerful soundscape with this remix, but also maintains the raw, stripped back presence of the original track. The song's story remains at the forefront, but the listen's journey through this story changes. An eloquent use of rain sound effects, deep reverb and low mid synth sounds greet the listener. This moving, but soft start, juxtaposed with the more conventional synth sounds, the occasional horn samples and a simple drum beat helps to create a soundscape with mystic presence, wrapped in a atmosphere that we feel will make you relaxed. Most definitely, Lo-Fi in character, but there is depth and body to this soundscape which transcend the boundaries of traditional Lo-Fi music.

This remix does not take anything away from Laahs's distinctive vocals. If anything, it adds more subtlety and presence to a voice that already calms and sooths. Reverb and delay is used to perfection in this remix and fuses with the soundscape mentioned above. The position of the soundscape in the musical spectrum also allows Laahs's vocals to float over the top of the sound, giving it that Lo-Fi character we have all come to love.

Other than being a brilliant remix, which brings new character and depth, without harming the original song, we feel this is a must listen to for anyone who is a fan of L0-Fi, Lo-Fi fusion and electronic music. Laahs has created something very unique and it embodies up-beat electronic fervour, but also embraces the subtlety of the Lo-Fi genre. The remix is vastly different from the other songs found on 'Grow Slow'; it explores a deeper, mystic and atmospheric avenue that 'Grow Slow' does not explore in great detail. We are not saying this is a negative thing. 'Grow Slow' expresses diversity and is an exquisite mix of pop and Lo-Fi. We are simply saying the remix explores another side to Laahs music that we have seen in her music and we absolutely love it!

So what do we think? Simple, we think this is brilliant! Laahs has created something unique, but also something that compliments her previous work. There is body, mysticism and a large atmosphere behind this remix, yet there is subtlety, space and effervescent vocals floating above this soundscape. To say we are impressed with the production quality is an understatement. The fact that this is an independent production only further demonstrates Laahs' musical abilities. During her production process, Laas has not only filled space with an atmospheric sound, but she has actually created more of it with use of vocal dynamics and low mid sounds. This is not an easy feature to achieve; any song can become very saturated, very quickly when additional elements are added. For this reason, we think Laahs has a real talent in musical producer, especially when you realise the song is produce in mono. Stereo mixes are often used to create space and build presence, but Laahs proves this can be done exquisitely in mono if you are prepared to listen and utilise the full audio spectrum. This truly is an excellent piece of music and it demonstrates Laahs / PINLIGHT is both an excellent musician and amazing producer.

PINLIGHT is Jenny Laahs, an Edinburgh multi-instrumentalist with a music quality like no other. Starting as a singer-songwriter with a ukulele and piano, PINLIGHT slowly transitioned to a more electronic sound that embraced love, relationships and self-affirmation. PINLIGHT has played in the Edinburgh music scene both as a soloist and with a live band, but it was 2019 that saw her independently produce the amazing debut album 'Grow Slow'. 2020 has been a year of many things, but it is a year that will see new re-mixes and has built the foundation for new material for the future. We love PINLIGHT here on Advosound, not only because of the pure musical excellence, but because it is authentically different from what you have heard before. A fusion of electro, alternative and synth pop, all with a Lo-Fi character, is what you will here and we are sure you will love it as much as we do. Check out the PINLIGHT using the links before and make sure you discover her music.

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