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Dreamlike electronic pop

Fiona Liddell and Niall Rae have combined their musical talents to produce something very contemporary, very electric, very pop and something very dreamlike. Click on the image to see our review of their amazing and hypnotic debut single.

A Gap in the Fence - Part 1

Tom Houston has a new album coming in October. We have had a chance to review some of the work that will be on this album and we want to share it with you all. Houston is an incredible musician and if you have not explore his music, let us kick off your journey here!

More than a Lo-Fi Remix

Edinburgh's very own Jenny Laahs has produced a brand new remix of 'Armour'. It is a Lo-Fi Remix, but is so much more. There is impressive production quality in this remix and we have had the privilege to review it. Click on the image above to see what we love about this remix.

Is Spotify a Revolutionary Platform?

Hum of the Hidden Machine - Review

ACT 20 - The Pale Cast of Thought

Count Havoc Among Our Sins- Review

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