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Video Reviews:

Written Reviews:

It's Not Just a Cover Story

Fiona Liddell leads a team of some of the finest musicians in Scotland in this album. 13 covers, but not quite in the way you would expect. Click on the image to explore the Team's breakdown of this excellent album. Also head over to Bandcamp and help raise money for SWIM.

Take Me To Church!

The preacher of The Church of Van Tastik himself has released a single called Hangman. It is your hit of blues, Americana and grit. The team have looked at the new single and tried to work out how Van Tastik preaches so effectively and why you must join his Church. Click on the image to learn more.

Things are getting Lo-Zi...

Scottish producer Zildjianpinky has produced and released an E.P. full of positive vibes, excellent sample and near perfect production. The Elevate team have broken this new E.P. down and shared our thoughts on what makes this E.P. great. Click on the image to see our breakdown.

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